Our People

Together, we fuel the good!

When we believe and put all our energy into what we do, when our initiatives are driven by our dreams, when ethics and a pioneering spirit guide our work, and when sustainability illuminates our words and attitudes, we are fueling the good. This is our way of Being and Doing.

We produce the energy that transforms agribusiness. Our groundbreaking innovations are done efficiently and safely to supply the world in a sustainable way.
And, if like us, you also value and strive for excellence in everything you do, if you are driven by challenges, are passionate and engaged, and if you always seek to do the right thing, you too have the energy to fuel the good.

Come join our team!

We have a mission to transform the planet by producing clean and sustainable energy and you can be part of this.

Check out our available positions and connect your energy with ours!

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Our Internship Program is a development opportunity for students who want to grow alongside FS. We want to meet competent and engaged individuals, who dream of leaving a legacy and are connected with our “Energy that fuels the good” purpose.


Geovana Carla Gatto da Silva

Member of the CAPEX purchasing team and former intern of the Supplies division

“When I arrived at the office, I was very well received by my team. They taught me every detail of what I know today. The work environment is very dynamic, I have autonomy in my routine and I am passionate about the values here at FS. I made many friends inside and outside of work and today I see that FS has positively changed not only my professional career, but also my life in general. I am infinitely grateful.”

Malik Martins Moreira de Oliveira

Intern at the Animal Nutrition division

“We have many responsibilities at the FS Internship Program, as it prepares us to assume leadership positions in our professional careers. We also receive several training courses on leadership, time management and how to prioritize activities, which helped me organize my internship routine”.

The FS Young Apprentice Program aims to train and develop young individuals for effective positions at the Company.
These young individuals receive training in partnership with SENAI, through administrative and operational courses, including theoretical classes and hands-on experiences at FS.

Do you have this energy? Then come join our team!

Pedro Henrique Kochhann Dias

Young Apprentice at the Supplies division

“The FS Young Apprentice program opened windows of opportunities for me. From the first day I joined, I gained an astounding amount of knowledge with the Supplies team, which is currently the division where I work. The team welcomed me from day one and is helping me grow professionally, from the interns to our supply manager.”

Isadora Nalini de Almeida

Young Apprentice at the HR People Team

“Having been approved was very gratifying, even more so for the FS Young Apprentice program!
The Company offered me my first job opportunity. I was interested in joining the program at FS because I know we have the possibility of developing a career at the Company. I really enjoy working here and I am learning more every day. I receive a lot of support from the people in my division, who teach me every day.”