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Together, we fuel the good!

We are a pioneering company, bold and admired for its purpose. We exude sustainability on a daily basis with a lot of ethics and social conscience.

We don’t measure efforts and get our hands dirty with determination to grow, courage to take risks, pragmatism to deliver consistent results and, thus, materialize our vision of being the largest producer of negative carbon fuel in the world.

We promise a dynamic and agile environment, where challenge and change make learning even more meaningful.

All this with competitive compensation and benefits and a structure that evolves at the speed of our ambitions.

We value the dedication, commitment and persistence of our employees who, with protagonism and a sense of ownership, grow together with FS. From you, we expect initiative and engagement to face challenges, contribute ideas, get out of the comfort zone, simplify and streamline the day to day, with exceptional results at a high level of excellence in this journey of expansion of FS.

We count on your availability and presence not only for work, but also to establish genuine relationships with good and talented people, who are very proud to be part of our team and to live our purpose.

Come with us, here you make the FS!



Our Internship Program is a development opportunity for students who want to grow alongside FS. We want to meet competent and engaged individuals, who dream of leaving a legacy and are connected with our “Energy that fuels the good” purpose.


Pedro Henrique Kochhann Dias

Intern on the Sustainability division

“I had the opportunity to participate in FS’s Young Apprentice program in 2021, and I must say that it was an incredible experience that helped me grow both professionally and personally. In the program, I learned about various aspects of the corporate world, such as strategic planning, project management, and more. I also had the chance to work on real company projects, which helped me develop my skills. Besides the technical knowledge, I also enhanced my interpersonal skills, like teamwork, effective communication, and handling conflict situations.

Currently, as an intern, the challenges are increasing every day. I can apply everything I’ve learned and continue to evolve. I feel privileged to still be a part of FS, a company that is constantly growing and paving a path of success in the market.”

Malik Martins Moreira de Oliveira

Business Planning Analyst and former intern of the Animal Nutrition division

“We have many responsibilities at the FS Internship Program, as it prepares us to assume leadership positions in our professional careers. We also receive several training courses on leadership, time management and how to prioritize activities, which helped me organize my internship routine”.

The FS Young Apprentice Program aims to train and develop young individuals for effective positions at the Company.
These young individuals receive training in partnership with SENAI, through administrative and operational courses, including theoretical classes and hands-on experiences at FS.

Do you have this energy? Then come join our team!

Sabrina Vale de Lima

Young Apprentice in the Production Team

“Participating in the Young Apprentice program was a transformative experience. From the very first day, I was welcomed into a nurturing environment with people who were genuinely interested in my growth and professional development.

Throughout the program, I had the opportunity to learn not only about the work itself but also about essential life skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. Each day was a chance to absorb knowledge and put it into practice, with the continuous support of my colleagues and supervisors. Furthermore, I could see the application of theoretical knowledge from college in the day-to-day processes.

Being able to grow as an individual and build a solid foundation for my career has been crucial up to this point.”