Animal Nutrition

In addition to corn ethanol, one third of all corn that enters FS comes out as DDG (Dried Distillers Grains). For this, we use fiber separation technology (FST), which separates corn fibers and undergoes a dry grinding process.

These grains are destined as animal nutrition for cattle, pork, poultry, fish and pets and are sold in three different types: FS Ouro, FS Essencial and FS Úmido*.

Our DDGs are highly nutritious and offer several benefits, such as great palatability, increased weight gain, better feed efficiency, high energy, and carotenoids that enhance yolk color in eggs, among others.

Learn about our precision diet with year-round availability and the best value for money that will ensure high performance.

FS Ouro
FS Essencial
FS Úmido


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