FS participates in a beef cattle training course in the states of Mato Grosso and Rondônia


FS participates in a beef cattle training course in the states of Mato Grosso and Rondônia

Lucas do Rio Verde (MT), March 8, 2022 – FS participated in the launching of the 5th edition of the MTBeef course, which takes place from February to October. Under the theme “The beef cattle chain: how to be prepared for the future?”, the first module presented an overview of the beef cattle industry and addressed matters such as macroeconomic perspectives for the sector, solar energy versus sustainability in livestock production, efficiency in replacement purchases, and prospects for the raw materials market.

FS, the first Brazilian Company to exclusively use corn for the production of ethanol and animal nutrition, known as DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains), a partner of MTBeef 2022, participates in the round tables that take place during the course and provides additional information at its own stand during the monthly gatherings.

FS’ innovative technology and the exclusive production process allows the Company to be the only player to offer 4 types of high nutritional products for livestock: (i) FS ESSENTIAL, with 44% crude protein and 11% ether extract, the highest protein level among DDGs available in the market; (ii) FS OURO, with 17% crude protein and 7% ether extract, the only corn bran with solubles in the sector; (iii) WET FS, a single wet distiller grain, or WDG; (iii) and (iv) FS VITAL, corn oil used for animal feed and by the Biodiesel, Cosmetics, Paints and Resins, and Pharmaceutical industries.

These products replace soybean meal and corn used as animal feed, improving diet performance and ensuring a better cost-benefit ratio for producers. FS animal nutrition inputs also contribute to sustainability, in addition to offering protein and energy supplements for animals, even for pasture, allowing livestock to be produced in smaller pasture areas and putting less pressure on native vegetation.

“We are certified by the GMP+ FSA – Good Manufacturing Practices System Plus/Feed Safety Assurance, the most important quality seal in animal nutrition, guaranteeing the food safety of our products. We are a reference player in the national and international markets, which has over 18 thousand companies in the same segment across 66 countries. That’s because we guarantee the ongoing and uninterrupted supply of animal protein”, emphasized Fabrício Vieira, Chief Commercial Officer of FS.

MTBeef 2022 Course

The course is carried out by the beef livestock consulting company GestaUp, aimed at gathering and preparing producers, professionals, students and managers to manage large beef cattle projects, focused on achieving maximum profitability.

The 5th edition consists in an intensive nine-month course (from February to October), divided into nine modules, with monthly face-to-face and online gatherings. The topics covered include animal nutrition, genetic improvement and reproduction, confinement, pastures, livestock economy, animal health, and people management, among others. Check out the MTBeef 2022 course schedule.

About FS

FS is the first Company in Brazil to produce ethanol, animal nutrition products and bioenergy exclusively from corn. The Company currently has two plants, one in Lucas do Rio Verde and another in Sorriso, Mato Grosso, and a production capacity of 1.5 billion liters per year. FS recently announced the construction of the third plant, in Primavera do Leste (MT), which will be built in two stages and requires estimated investments of R$2.3 billion. In addition to ethanol, FS uses cutting-edge technology to manufacture animal nutrition, known by the acronym DDG (Dried Distillers Grains), corn oil and bioelectricity products.

FS prioritizes and constantly invests in sustainability. The Company is aimed at consolidating its sustainable development agenda and strengthening its long-term commitments to society and therefore adopts a set of actions defined for its six long-term commitments (FS 2030 Sustainability Commitment), created in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement for 2030. One of these actions is the implementation of the BECCS (Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage) system, which will place the Company among the few global players, and the first in RenovaBio, to have a negative carbon footprint.

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