FS Bioenergia launches a new visual identity and reinforces the brand’s sustainability positioning


FS Bioenergia launches a new visual identity and reinforces the brand’s sustainability positioning

Lucas do Rio Verde, October 2020 – FS Bioenergia has just adopted, as its name, the term mostly used by its partners, suppliers and employees. From now on, it will be called: FS.

The company is the first ethanol plant in Brazil that uses 100% corn in the manufacturing of its products (ethanol, ingredients for animal nutrition (DDGS), corn oil and energy), offering economic, social and environmental benefits and a new agricultural frontier for Brazil. The Company innovates and brings the Fueling Sustainability concept in its re-branding, which, in addition to connecting with its initials, adds to its corporate purpose of increasingly fueling sustainability, translated into the slogan as: Energy that Fuels the Good.

FS, through 100% corn ethanol, transforms the country’s energy matrix through lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emission biofuel, according to RenovaBio.
In addition, its animal nutrition products are manufactured in an environmentally correct way and generate electricity from a renewable source. Over the last three years of operation, the Company has been improving in environmental initiatives and certifications. In 2020, it completed an adherence analysis for its investment plans according to the same criteria used for its Green Bonds. The Company also issued Agribusiness Receivables Certificates (CRA), in the amount of R$210 million, in February 2020. In June, it issued a Real Estate Receivables Certificate (CRI), also classified as a green bond, in the amount of R$138.5 million, in line with the guidelines and goals required to obtain sustainable financing (ESG-linked loan). The Company also innovated and guaranteed a bilateral loan with Santander, in the amount of R$180 million. The last two operations are remunerated with interest linked to sustainable goals, which, if achieved, will reduce the rates applied by the banks.

The new brand, developed by BriviaDez, translates the values and essence of FS, having corn as its main element, and received a stylish design containing two halves of a circle to represent the renewal of the energy generated by the Company and its in-depth performance in the Agribusiness industry. The “Energy that Fuels the Good” slogan reinforces the Company’s objective of being a transformation agent for a more sustainable world. “In a world with growing sustainability concerns…