In our daily life, we live our values ethically and honestly. Check out our compliance initiatives.

We are guided by our Code of Ethics and Conduct, which expresses and reaffirms the integrity that governs our corporate actions and what we expect from our business partners.

How does it work?

The Ethics Hotline can be used by anyone who feels affected by the violation to the Company’s Code of Ethics and Conduct or by attitudes that do not comply with our values.

Among the violations that can be reported, we highlight those related to internal controls, conflicts of interests, standards, policies, ethics, environment, irregularities in accounting and management reports, in addition to auditing matters.

Reports may be made in Portuguese and/or English and, whenever possible, should contain sufficient data to enable the investigation of the facts, for example:

1. Full name of those involved (accused and victim)
2. Place where the event occurred
3. Dates and times when the event occurred
4. Witnesses
5. Description of the facts
6. Companies, departments or areas involved
7. Information on documents or contracts related to the violation
8. Possible documentary evidence
9. Other additional information

Hotline Box

Ethics Hotline Box

Important! When you file a report, you will receive a protocol number. Write that number down! The online Ethics Hotline platform is how we will communicate with you, and you may follow up on your report, or submit additional information, by entering the protocol number.

Electronic Form
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Toll-free number available 24/7.

0800 792 1013

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does FS have an Ethics Hotline?

This exclusive FS channel is designed to ensure safe and, if desired, anonymous communication of behaviors considered unethical or that violates the principles of corporate governance and ethical values of our Code of Ethics including, but not limited to, matters related to corruption and irregularities provided for in current legislation (Law 12,486/2013) and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Who can file a report?

FS employees, suppliers and customers, as well as service providers, investors, public authorities, partners and community representatives.

Can I only file reports if I have concrete evidence of what happened?

The reports must be based on facts that help the investigation. In the absence of concrete evidence, witnesses may be indicated in the report. If the information is not enough to conduct a proper investigation, additional information will be requested and must be provided within 15 days by the whistleblower.

Can I only report current situations or can I also report past events?

Yes, you can also report past events.

How does the Company deal with reports?

The reports are handled through a formal process conducted by the Compliance area, which is designated by Senior Management to lead investigations.

How does confidentiality work?

All reported cases are assured confidentiality, independence, impartiality and fairness in treatment, investigation and filing of the information received. The rights of the whistleblower and the people mentioned are also guaranteed. No form of retaliation against those who use this space in good faith will be tolerated, regardless of the result of the investigation. For this reason, this tool should be used conscientiously, therefore increasing credibility to the process.

If the report proves to be true, what penalties can the wrongdoer face?

Whenever a report is confirmed, corrective actions are taken. The severity of the penalties depends on the type of report and the facts reported. Corrective actions may be the mere reporting of the situation to the superiors of those involved, or counseling with HR, formal warnings and dismissal.

If the violations were committed by Third Parties, FS may determine applicable contractual sanctions, including termination of the professional relationship, in addition to safeguarding the right to seek any applicable legal measures against those involved.

How long does it take to respond to the complaint and what information is made available to the whistleblower?

Our propose is to act quickly and effectively. However, the time needed to conclude the investigation will depend on the complexity of the report, but it should not take more than 30 days.

After the report has been concluded, a final protocol number will be generated for the whistleblower to access the progress and results of the investigation and to obtain additional information directly.

Is it possible to follow up on reports?

Whenever a whistleblower makes a report, he/she receives a protocol number that can be used to submit additional information or follow up on the progress and result of the investigation.

What if I lose the protocol number?

You will need to make a new report.

How is the whistleblower informed of the outcome and penalties applied to the wrongdoer?

Whenever a case is concluded, the whistleblower will have access to this information on the report follow-up page, regardless of the outcome.

In order to respect the right to privacy of all those involved, the actions adopted by FS and the penalties incurred by the wrongdoer are not usually communicated to the whistleblower.