Animal Nutrition

When we talk about corn ethanol, we cannot forget that FS Bioenergia does not limit itself to producing fuel: one-third of the corn that goes into it is turned into DDG.

What is DDG? If you ask a cow, it is the best food ever.

DDG (Dried Distillers Grains) are used in animal nutrition, increasing productivity and reducing farmers’ costs. Our production process uses a fiber separation technology based on dry grinding, an exclusive FS Bioenergia innovation.

It uses corn starch to produce ethanol, and the fiber that is removed in this process, in addition to improving yield and efficiency, results in three animal nutrition options: FS Ouro – High Fiber, FS Essencial – High Protein and FS Úmido – Wet Cake.

FS Bioenergia animal nutrition products are rich in protein and other nutrients for cattle, pig, poultry and fish diets.

Learn about our precision diet with year-round availability and the best value for money that will ensure high performance.

FS Ouro – High Fiber

FS Essencial – High Protein

FS Úmido – Wet Cake

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