CORN at FS: It is animal nutrition. It is biofuel. It is food. It is EVERYTHING!

What happens to all the corn grown by the farmers in Mato Grosso? It is currently possible to transform this rich grain into animal feed, ethanol and corn oil. High value-added products that allow corn farmers to be part of the history of corn ethanol in Brazil.


The environmental advantages of corn ethanol production in Brazil are due to two factors: the use of biomass as an energy source in the industry and the use of second crop corn as an input for biofuel production.

FS tirelessly seeks sustainable and renewable energy sources, generating increasingly lower greenhouse gas emissions. All the biomass is acquired from eucalyptus producers and companies regulated by environmental agencies, with authorized forest management plans.

Forestry Development

The Forestry Development Program is a business opportunity for small and medium farmers in Mato Grosso, in addition to being a high value-added investment that ensures environmental responsibility in biomass consumption in our plants.

In this program, we sign future purchase contracts and support partners by offering technical information, financing the initial investment and supporting field management. Download our newsletter and learn more about FS’s Forestry Development Program.